Wednesday, 19 November 2008

An open letter.

Carlos. If you are reading this, this is something that I wrote about you this morning. I am posting it here for you and the whole world to see how well I can write when I am thinking about you. Please come back and let me feel your muscles again.

Adorna xxxx

The man does not talk. He is a man of action not words. He strides in and out as he pleases. Sometimes she imagines he is a young tiger, leisurely strolling around its territory after a kill. It is impossible to talk to him. Impossible to say all the things she wants to say. How do you tell such a man that you love him? For the rest of her life, he would be lost in his world and she in hers.


Waffarian said...

You must be bloody kidding me!!!

Did you just steal MY words???? I don't believe this.I just put that up on my blog!!! Just this morning!

You are really something else. You better take this down.

Jenn said...

Why would you be writing about Adorna and Carlos, Waffarian?

Are you another of her secret admirers?

There is something intoxicating about that winning combination of classic good looks, bespoke tailoring and literary merit - isn't there?

Still, I do think there are other, better ways of getting her attention rather than claiming she's stealing your stories.


iGwatala said...


Why are you taking sides? All you had to do was "click" and check whether Waffy was telling the truth. And in this case, she just was!

I can't believe that this really happens. It's the 21st Century, darn it.

Hey Adorna, I guess you deserve being dumped by Carlos if all you give him are words of other people.

Psheaw! Merde!

Socrates Adams-Florou said...

You don't need carlos. He is not the one for you. Just tell the world. Its me that you need. It's me that you love. It's my muscles you want to feel.

iGwatala said...

laughing real loud.

Adorna Shine - Writer said...


I ask for your help in my hour of need. I do. I publicly call on you. I log in, feeling sure that you, my most devoted, loyal and persistent fan will not let me down.

Q: And what do I see on my blog? Expressions of solidarity? The smiting of mine enemies?

A: No. You bargain with me. You toy with my affections. You want proofs, declarations, public displays before you will act on my behalf.

Is Adorna really worth so little to you?

Please consider my position and amend your reply accordingly.

Yours, (?)

Adorna Shine

P.S Could you show me some photographic evidence of the said muscles to aid me in my decision?

P.P.S You have still not reviewed my book. Please don't tell me it was a disapointment. What the world needs is a fair and balanced appraisal of the document at the heart of this controversey.

Waffarian said...


"You have still not reviewed my book"

How dare you call it your book? It is not yours!!!

and remove my post from your blog...I have warned you...

@Jenn: You better be careful, you might be next. Her pink "claws" are getting sharper by the minute!

Design Jack said...

It breaks my heart to see such vitriol against a good honest Writer. Fight your corner, Adorna, and don't let these dreadful people get on top of you.

Sarah Hymas said...

Why do we only get to choose between genius, thought-provoking and literary? I'd suggest additions but wouldn't want to be accused of taking sides ...

rayo said...

adorna u rili r making d rounds, first des, now waffy, who's next? btw i cld almost bet no one adores adorna

Tolu Ogunlesi said...

Dearest Adorna,

I don't know whether to say I'm a fan or I'm not a fan (in some ways I am, you're quite a successful writer; and in others I'm not - you seem to depend too unhealthily on other people's writings), but I've got advice for you:

1. If you use another person's work, then acknowledge them. Ask of course for their permission first! I know you're a writer of popular fiction, not an academic, but you need to understand that borrowed writing NEEDS footnotes. Footnotes in your novels will save you this embarrassment you're going through.

2. Why have you disabled anonymous commenting on your blog. Something to hide? I notice that Desiderus, your rival (not in literary success of course) allows anonymous commenters. Might that suggest very clearly who is guilty and who should be defended?

PS. This case between you and Desiderus will be the subject of my next research incursion. One of my PhD students has also indicated interest in theorising on the concept of "Intertextualities and intertheftualities in the case of Adorna and Desiderus"

T. Ogunlesi
Associate Professor of Studies in Literary and PostLiterary Borrowings,
Old Town University

Anonymous said...


isn't it interesting that the story you stole for your blog was, in actual fact, about a sex worker and her client.

Were you trying to tell us something about your former life at Bunny Heaven?

Just Asking.

Rob said...

Go back and look at your rival's blog. Someone's given him the news about that guy who lived in the house before him. What was his name? Your mate Bloomington. Another mysterious mystery that you seem to be implicated in.

Have you heard from Carlos yet?