Friday, 7 November 2008

Meet Adorna...

I'd have included this in the last post, but Carlos is cleaning out the downstairs cupboards and I can hardly think. The racket is astonishing, and it's just as well we're having company tonight and he isn't actually going to expect me to produce any wordage.

He is such a magpie: would you believe, a month or so ago, he came home from walking my baby Sherlock with two brass door locks and a door chain hanging out of his back pockets? It isn't as if his salary is so low he's forced to collect scrap as a supplement, and he's certainly too young to have experienced a depression. The man just can't help himself. And he chooses tonight, of all nights, to root them out and dispose of them!

The entire contents of the cupboards, including said locks, is piled up on the blonde laminate in the hallway, and I can only hope and pray he has that cleaned up and the mini quiches warmed and served before my agent comes around.

Door locks! I ask you!

Anyway - I logged back on to let you know a little bit about my itinerary. If you'd like to meet Adorna in person - and I for one can't think of one reason why you wouldn't, please come to a little writing related promotional event tomorrow - it's called a Blog Lab and you'll see me, and many more of my fans there. Dress is business casual, and refreshments are not provided - although I don't suppose there's anything wrong with you bringing a little something of your own.

Ciao for now!


Jane said...

How do you get the stars on your blog Adorna. I really love them!

Adorna Shine - Writer said...

Ah - you'd have to ask Carlos about that. As well as my literary assistant, he's also a technical genius. I wonder where I'd be without him sometimes, I really do!

Socrates Adams-Florou said...

Dear Adorna,
You've probably forgotten that I exist by now. I have nearly forgotten that I exist. I think about you all of the time. I feel like I exist when I think of you. Your skin. I think about touching it by accident.
I have said too much.

Adorna Shine - Writer said...


once you purchase one of Adorna's books, you are entered into a ledger of love along with the legions of my other fans, and you are never forgotten.

Alas, I cannot touch everyone's skin, as much as I would like to. I have to devote myself fully to writing, and of course there are the quite obvious health and safety considerations.

Have you considered joining my fan club? Carlos can send you the details if you wish.

Yours in literary friendship,

Adorna Shine

Socrates Adams-Florou said...

My Adorna,
I am nothing compared to you. The thought of being near you makes me want to peel myself. I want to be your club.
Yours in Literary Friendship