Friday, 31 October 2008

Nik Perring Reviews Pink as Perfume

Yet another rave review for my first novel! This one's from UK writer and workshop leader Nik Perring, who has his own little weblog here.

Wow. That's what I think of Pink as Perfume, Adorna Shine's debut novel. I first heard of her after reading a review of one of her later novels (the title's as forgettable as this is) and curiosity got the better of me. Pink as Perfume has everything I'd expected: a ridiculous plot, paper thin characters, hilariously unlikely sex scenes (a nod to the title) but - it is brilliant. A real page turner. Twelve pages in I couldn't wait to finish it - and for all the right reasons. It's scary and exciting, moving and, in places, utterly beautiful. I don't know how she does it but it works perfectly even though it shouldn't.

I'll never look at department stores, or the people who work in them, in the same way again. But I will be reading more of Shine's work. Highly recommended.

Isn't he just a complete sweetheart??!! And here he is below, looking all literary and good enough to eat! (Sh! Better not let Carlos hear me say that...)

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