Friday, 31 October 2008

All About Adorna

I'm sure you all already know who I am! But for those of you who don't... here goes!

I'm Adorna, novelist, social commentator and all round glamour puss. I've finally broken out of the dark ages and started my own blog!

I'm going to use this blog to describe the writing life - especially the highs and lows in the lead-up to the launch and publication of my third autobiographical novel: Pink as Chocolate. That's me in the picture , trying on a dress for the launch party!

The novel is a thrilling mystery set in a glamorous location not too far away from here. I also like to put real people into my books, so if you know me in real life - watch out!

The one person in my life who always features in all of my books is my puppy, Sherlock. She's my baby, and my fiercest literary critic! Here she is, trying on her own new dress for the launch party. She's about as excited as I am!

Isn't she beautiful?

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