Friday, 7 November 2008

Out and about...

Days to launch: 20
I've never been one of these miserable writers who prefer to stay at home hunched over her keyboard. In actual fact, Carlos has had to drag me away from some event or other, in order to come back to my laptop and type out the requisite number of words for the day on more than one ocassion. Sitting in the house with the shades drawn, seeing no-one, squinting at a screen - it isn't healthy.
Knowing this about me, it will come as no surprise to you to hear that I've been off out again - this time at the invitation of journalist Jame Gallagher demanded an interview with me. Over fizzy drinks and chocolate fondue we chatted about inspiration, the writing life and my forthcoming novel: Pink as Chocolate. Here's a tiny bit to whet your appetite:

My publisher told me I was a maverick, insisting that my own brand of chick-lit
thriller ('Bridget Jones meets Hannibal Lecter for a bare knuckle fight -
handbags at dawn!' - TLS) stayed in the pink category, but as I told him, I
couldn't carry a blue or black book in with me to a reading, could I?

You'll have to go here to read the rest - but hurry back!

Award-winning freelance journalist Jane Gallagher has written for numerous newspapers, magazines and websites during a 20-year career. In addition to editing an online Book Club Jane works two days a week as a writer in residence at a men's prison - when she's not updating her daily blog .

And you can see Jane below - the epitome of Lady Writer style.

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